Dr. Thom’s Office built in 1907

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Dr. Thom's Office 

Dr. Thom’s Office is one of several structures from surrounding homestead sites that have been saved from destruction and relocated to land acquired from BLM located just west of Fort Rock in south central Oregon by The Fort Rock Valley Historical Society. The several buildings on the property make up what the society calls The Fort Rock Homestead Village Museum.

Dr. Thom’s office was built in 1907 in Silver Lake, Oregon, which is approximately 16 miles south of its present location. The building had been scheduled to be burned but was saved by the society and relocated to the village. Dr. J. W. Thom is said to have been the only practicing physician in the area during the 1918 influenza epidemic and lost only one patient to the dreaded disease.

Dr. Thom’s office and other buildings of the same vintage that make up the Homestead Village are located southeast of Bend, Oregon and not far from the town of La Pine, which is just a few miles south of Bend. From La Pine, drive south on US 97 a short distance and take Oregon State Route 31 to Fort Rock Road. The village and museum and village are on the south side of Fort Rock Road just a couple of miles east of highway 31.

The GPS coordinates recorded by my camera are Latitude 43, 21.34 North and Longitude 121, 3.49 West. Elevation: 4330 feet/1320 meters.