Loop Pullout

Posted by Jack High on June 27, 2016 Glacier National Park | Montana | News | Photos | View Points and Pullouts | No comments

The Loop switchbackThe Loop pullout on the Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park is a switchback on the west side of Logan Pass and a popular pullout for taking a rest stop, shooting photos and hiking.

The drive on the Going-to-the-Sun Road from the west entrance to Glacier National Park closely follows alongside McDonald Creek in a gentle assent. Once past the Avalanche Creek area, the road turns sharply left, increases the rate of elevation gain, passes through a tunnel and shortly arrives at the sharp switchback known as “The Loop”.

The Loop pullout provides ample parking, a restroom and splendid views of forested deep valleys and broad mountain peaks.

Mountains seen in the distance at the center of the photo above include Mount Oberlin, Clements Mountain and Mount Cannon.

The mountain seen in the photo below is Heaven’s Peak, which rises to an elevation of 8987 feet/2739 meters and dominates the view to the southwest.

Heavens Peak