Wagon Wheel at Dan Klennert’s Sculpture Park

Posted by Jack High on October 15, 2015 Cascade Mountains | General | News | Photos | Washington | No comments

Wagon Wheel at Ex-Nihilo Metal Sculpture ParkThis wagon wheel like many others are often seen on old wagons left to weather on out of the way farm or range lands. Other times you might run across one at an antique store, or at a museum or even decorating the lawn of a rancher or farmer. Then there are times when you might be surprised to find one in such an unexpected place as I did when driving toward Mount Rainier National Park.

The Wagon Wheel Might Seem Out of Place

This particular wagon wheel is attached to an old wagon on the property of Ex-Nihilo Metal Sculpture Park. This unusual park is located on the south side of Washington Route 706 a few miles west of Ashford, Washington. Route 706 is the main highway for reaching the west entrance, or Longmire Entrance, to Mount Rainier.

When I photographed the Wagon Wheel, it was sitting out front of the property near the highway. I don’t know if it is still there. On a later trip I did take time to wonder through the park and video many of the metal and wood sculptures including a huge horse made mostly from horseshoes, a dinosaur, birds, motorbikes and even a sculpture of a skeleton riding a motorcycle.

This unusual park is the work of Dan Klennert and features a vast array of metal sculptures shaped by Klennert’s talents with scrap metal and wood scavenged from junk yards, recycling bins, old farms.

If you are driving to Mount Rainier on SR 706, a stop at Klennert sculpture park is well worth the time.